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ECISD: Security Cameras Will Be At All Campuses

by Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Security is a top priority for the Ector County School District. In the near future, all schools in the district will be equipped with security cameras, even the elementary campuses.

"With the rise of things happening around our campuses, cameras help us keep our students safer. We can actually log in view and see what's happening in real time while we dispatch officers to the area. So we can gain a lot more real time information," Jeff Daniels, Master Sergeant with ECISD Police, said.

The rise of criminal activity hasn't gone up inside the schools. The cameras can be a watchful eye for other incidents, especially the elementary campuses.

"They were never put in for crime, only for safety. Such as lost students. We can review the cameras and track them down through the system. Also, intruders on campus, we can see where they came from and if they left, what direction they went," Daniels said.

All 25 elementary campuses, along with six Junior Highs, and three High Schools in the district will be a little safer in less than a year. Something more and more school districts are doing nationwide.

"It's a huge safety benefit for our staff and our students. It's the number one item they are going to for safety for students is security cameras on campuses," Daniels said.

All cameras are scheduled to be installed in the next 10 months
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