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Girls of Midland Run 5K Race Proving They Can "Face the Race"

by Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9 

MIDLAND - A 5K run hosted by the Junior League of Midland has a mission to help young women build confidence, self esteem, set goals and achieve them.

The Junior League of Midland hosts many events each year promoting our youth. But this event in particular sets out to help the young girls of the community build their potential.

"This year, we have a 105 junior high girls from Abell, Alamo, Goddard and San Jacinto Junior Highs. We have about 300 runners here today. So, it's a super exciting event," "Face the Race" Co-Chair, Marina Stanaland, said.

"Yeah it's been a big year with our new participants and I think we really just try to educate them, help build leadership skills for them and their confidence. It's so nice that we can do that for all the junior highs in Midland," "Face The Race" Co-Chair, Megan Newton, said.

With the teenage years being such a crucial time in a young girls life, the Junior League of Midland makes it their mission to give these girls the materials they need to succeed.

"I just wanna do it so I can say yeah I did face the race and invite other people to do it because it's a great program," 5K participant, Bethany Carrell, said. 

The "Face The Race" after school program helps young girls build confidence, self esteem, leadership skills and most importantly how to set high goals and reach them.

"Oh, I'm thrilled. I think it's awesome that they do so much to make it fun because it's not just about running. They talked about being proud of their bodies and just being a good impact on the society," Denise Carrell said. "By developing the potential of our young women, we can help continue the Junior League's vision that says "Hand in hand, we build a better Midland."

"I hope these girls can really just find their potential and realize they can do anything they set their minds to. They get the challenge of training for this 5K, and then today, they get to see that they can do it and that's pretty awesome for them," Megan Newton said.

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