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19 Ector County Children Get Adopted into Forever Families

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - November is National Adoption Awareness Month. Last year, more than 5,000 Texas children were adopted from state care. But more are still waiting for their turn.

On Friday, Ector County is celebrating Adoption Day. Although the number of adoptive families has doubled in the past ten years, there are still many children who need a forever family.

"The children come from abuse or neglect and so they need stability and they need love. That's what they find in these families," Amanda Hamilton, Adoption Specialist for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, said.

19 children were adopted by 13 families on Friday morning as Ector County celebrated National Adoption Day. But many children, about 6,000 statewide, are still waiting their turn.

"There are around 100 children waiting from our region, still waiting, for adoptive families," Hamilton said.

The adoption of 12 more children from the Permian Basin who joined their forever families earlier this year was also celebrated.

"We want to nurture this child and have her as ours and give her what she needs. She needs a family," Adoptive parent, Melinda Anderson, said.

Lynwood and Melinda Anderson adopted an eight month old girl.

"We decided we wanted her in our home to raise her as ours and to grow up to be with her big brother and big sister," Adoptive parent, Lynwood Anderson, said.

Their daughter has been living with them since she was three days old but Friday morning's celebration made it official. The Andersons are already planning what's next.

"Getting her name changed and looking forward to getting her ears done!" Lynwood said.

The Andersons have even finished Christmas shopping.

"To have her in our family and in our hearts is the best feeling ever. I wouldn't change anything, wouldn't change anything," Melinda said.

Adoption specialists want everyone to know contrary to private adoption, if children are adopted through the Department of Family and Protective Services, it is very affordable. If you're thinking of adoption, or maybe you know someone who is, click here.

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