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Monahans Business Celebrates Anniversary by Bringing in Hometown Author

by Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

MONAHANS - Sherry T's in downtown Monahans doesn't sell T-shirts, what you will find is gifts and home accessories to decorate. Coming next week, a local Monahans author is having a book signing at the store.

Six years ago, Sherry Treadaway prayed to God about opening a boutique. Today, business is booming and when people walk in they instantly see her success.

"People will say, I just love the way I feel. I love the way it smells, You have cute things. I always say, it's not me, I have to give the credit is due," Treadaway said.

With a store called Sherry T's, many people come in looking for T-shirts until she explains the store got its name because of her last name.

"I laugh and go on with it. I then recommend the little place down the street where you can get T-shirts," Treadaway said.

Sherry will host Conda Lee, an author from Monahans who recently wrote a story about early teens and the problems they face.

"There's some stuff that's kind of heavy in it because the kids nowadays deal with some heavy things. The book is not graphic. It's nothing that anybody couldn't read to a child," Treadaway said.

The book is called Wings for Jahama. The main character is a caterpillar who is waiting to get her wings. She learns that God made her special.

"No matter what kind of cocoon you face, no matter how old you are, you don't have to get in there by yourself. God's going to climb right in there with you and hug you through it," Treadaway said.

Along with the book signing, there will be a fashion show by prominent women in the community to show off the clothes you can buy at Sherry T's

"Our styles and our sizes range from high school kids to lady's who are 2X and 3X," Treadaway said.

The fashion show and the book signing will be Thursday, November 20.
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