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Caught on Camera: Thief Steals Air Compressor from Tractor Supply

 by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Instead of taking something small like a pocket knife, some tools, or a random jug of peanuts, this guy went above and beyond and walked out with a heavy, three-foot wide box with a $1000 air compressor inside. Good luck stuffing that under your striped polo. 

You can see the man struggling to get through the door with those pesky carts, wearing some khaki cargo shorts and a polo shirt. Maybe he was swinging by the Tractor Supply on his way home from the golf range. 

He goes straight to the back where the air compressors are and slides the giant box onto his car and walks right out the door without paying. Maybe he was a tad absentminded, after all, the stress of pushing those carts can get to you. Those wheels have a mind of their own. 

However, the clerk catches on. 

"The clerk sees him and goes out at about the time that he's picking it up and setting it on top of a car and she says, 'do you have a receipt for that?' and the passenger gets out and says, 'yea we do,' and then the passenger throws a rope over and they hook it up," Susan Rogers with Odessa Crime Stoppers said. "And you can see in the video where they're taking this gigantic box with this compressor in, put it on top of their car and drove off with it." 

It may be an air compressor, but there's no way that's as light as air. 

Somehow him and his accomplice are able to hoist the box on top of their tan four-door sedan. Hey, who says you need a pickup truck? 

"The clerk said that he had an accent, and it might have been, it was more of a Middle Eastern type of accent, but that's all the information we have and we really need someone to give us a call and tell us who's who," Rogers said. 

Believe it or not, people actually respect you more if you pay for your belongings rather than steal them on a flatbed cart. 

If you think you recognize this man, please call Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS and you may get a cash reward. 

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