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Midland Re-Districting Plan

Midland I.S.D. Proposes a New Re-Districting Plan for Elementary Schools

by Zora Asberry 

News West 9 

MIDLAND - "In November of 2012 the community approved an elementary building project. We're building three new elementary schools, we're expanding nine more. So the face of M.I.S.D in regard to our elementary schools has completely changed" said Dr. Ryder Warren, superintendent of Midland Independent School District.  

It has been over two decades since Midland I.S.D has redrawn attendance their lines. The economic growth that Midland has seen in the last five years has made a big impact on all elementary schools in the area.

"We have about 14,000 elementary kids right now. And we could have as much as thirty to fourty percent of those kids being impacted by this decision, and that's why it's very important that parent's pay attention to this" Warren said.  

With nearly forty percent of students weighing on this decision, some parents are concerned. With the fear that their kids may have to change school districts or have to commute to another school when there is a new school being built in their own neighborhood.

"We can't negate those long drives for everyone, but one of the goals is for this that they're gonna be as close as we can get them", Warren said. 

The Midland I.S.D plans to host meetings for those parents who still may have concerns about the new attendance redistricting.

"We're going to have a school board workshop on this new map. And then starting right after Thanksgiving we're going to start having town hall meetings inviting parents up to look at the maps, get comments. So from their comments, from their issues, from their concerns, you know we may develop a third draft, we may develop a fourth draft. My goal is to have the board actually approve what ever version of the map we end up with, we would like them to approve that by the February board meeting" Warren said.  

The board is expected to approve one the maps in February of next year. This new plan should take place in fall of 2015. 

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