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Burglary Victims Speak Out on Holiday Crime Increasing

 by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND/ODESSA - Just weeks away from Thanksgiving and Christmas, authorities are getting ready for the increase in thefts and burglaries, but businesses and residents should also be on alert.  

Just today, a local company in Midland was burglarized in broad daylight when two men parked their truck in the company's parking lot and scoped the place out. Eventually they broke into a car and stole a radio.

"It's becoming an issue. We're getting closer to the holidays, you have lots of guys out there that are looking for an easy buck," Brandon Bednar of Exceed Oilfield Equipment, said. 

You can see in the surveillance video, one of the men going inside and asking how many people were there and if anyone had money for gas. 

"Made our secretary feel very uncomfortable, proceeded to go out into the parking lot and broke into one of my employee's vehicles and stole a radio," Bednar said. 

"Because the media puts it out there for us, because of social media, I know it looks like that we got a lot of burglaries and thefts and things like that going on. Now past history will tell us that as it gets closer to the holiday season we will see a lot of that start happening," Susan Rogers with Odessa Crime Stoppers said. 

Within the last month, a resident who lives in the 800 block of West 25th in Odessa also became a victim of a burglary on three different occasions--the fourth, was planned. 

When he noticed someone was getting into unlocked vehicles and taking anything laying inside, he took matters into his own hands. And being a board member of Odessa Crime Stoppers, these thieves were messing with the wrong guy. 

"I put a bag in the private car and left the door open or unlocked, and set up my game camera and just a short distance away," Vern Foreman said. "And it's infrared, it doesn't make a flash, and sure enough he came by and took the bag and I took his picture."

That's how these two suspects wound up with a backpack full of paper towels. 

These two crimes are not believed to be related. If you think you recognize the suspect in the Midland robbery, please call the Midland County Sheriff's Department. If you think you recognize either of the suspects in the West 25th car burglaries, please call Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS. 

Odessa Crime Stoppers would also like to remind people to be cautious, and to keep your vehicle and your home locked up. 

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