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Colorado River Municipal Water District Speaks to City Leaders About Water Quantity

by Justin Kree
NewsWest 9 

BIG SPRING- The Colorado River Municipal Water District held their annual meeting on Wednesday to bring certain West Texas cities together and inform them on how the district will look in the future.

"To look 50 years down the road for water supplies. Because that has been the success of C.R.M.W.D. and water supply development in West Texas. Trying to look down the road and plan," John Grant, General Manager of C.R.M.W.D., said.

Mayor David Turner of Odessa says the growth in his city is higher than other West Texas towns and C.R.M.W.D. needs to be mindful of that.

"The City of Odessa  has enough water for the next 15 years. We need to look beyond that. If we keep growing like we are, we're going to need more water," Turner said.

C.R.M.W.D. has three major lakes that supply water, Lake Spence, Lake J.B. Thomas and Lake Ivie. They recently purchased the Ward County well field and Turner believes that will help Odessa to not have to raise water rates on citizens.

"If the lakes go dry. Hopefully they won't. We will go to the Ward County well fields. The Ward County well fields will supply 45 million gallons of water a day which is great for current usage. But as we grow, we need to expand that well field. That's our proposal," Turner said.

Other West Texas cities understand the growing pains Odessa is feeling. However, spending money on water is taking a risk.

"I still think you have to move cautiously but proactively. I believe Big Spring is going to continue to grow but I don't know if we're going to grow as fast as Odessa has," Big Spring Mayor, Larry McLellan, said.

Grant is assuring all city leaders that the threat of your faucets running dry just wont happen.

"With our multiple sources and our pipelines, we have a very efficient, neat system out here to deliver water to our customers," Grant said.

Mayor Turner wants to sit down with the C.R.M.W.D. as soon as possible. He wants to come up with a proposal so water rates will remain low for the people of Odessa.

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