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Seminole Grocery Store Hoping to Help Families in Need this Holiday Season

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

SEMINOLE: One small town grocery store employee has a big heart this holiday season. An employee at Cash Saver in Seminole is hoping to feed families this Thanksgiving with the help from the community.

"Just seeing the people who come through and can't pay for their groceries and having to put stuff back," Tracy Edwards, Cash Saver Grocery employee, said.

That's exactly why Tracy started "Lets Eat Together." She's hoping with the communities help they can make a difference. 

"We have jars on every register where you can put your extra change or money in. There is a dump at the front of the store where they can put little items," Edwards said. 

Edward's goal is to make sure no family goes without a meal on Thanksgiving. 

"We figured we maybe could raise $500 and it's surpassed anything we even thought we were going to get," Edwards said.

The store has raised over $1,000 already and they plan on feeding at least 20 families in need this Thanksgiving. But Tracy and her co-workers don't want to feed the families for just one day.

"What about the rest of the week? Let's see if we can get some other things donated to last for the rest of the week. Things to get them through for awhile,"  Edwards said. 

Edwards says they plan on surprising the families and delivering the food a few days before Thanksgiving. She's hopeful in the coming days they'll raise enough money to feed 35 families. 

"If we can all just do this together as a community. Make sure that everybody is all having a Thanksgiving meal all at the same time like a wonderful occasion the way it's supposed to be," Edwards said.

 If you would like to donate or help deliver food, visit Cash Saver or call at  432-758-3691.

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