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Brewster County Made "Typographical" Mistakes on Election Day

By Julia Deng
NewsWest 9

BREWSTER COUNTY - Brewster County officials made multiple errors when tallying Election Day 2014 votes that may have affected the outcome of at least one race.

The Early Voting Ballot Board told NewsWest 9 the county accidentally recorded 100 extra votes for Democrat Della Shackelford, the incumbent treasurer.

Ruth Staton, the Republican candidate for county treasurer, who appeared to lose by 88 votes, may have actually won by 12 votes.

"They had recorded 297 votes for Della Shackelford and we had reported 197 so it was just a mistake of writing '2' instead of '1,'" Mary Bell Lockhart, the Brewster County alternate judge for the Early Voting Ballot Board and Democratic party chair, said.

A candidate running in a different county race called Lockhart about the mistake after results were posted early Wednesday morning.

"They pointed out that there was an impossibility in the treasurer's race because there were more votes shown for the candidates than there were people who had voted," she said.

Lockhart and Monica McBride, the county's judge for the Early Voting Ballot Board and the Republican party chair, said they immediately alerted county officials about the possibility of errors.

According to Lockhart, there were similar typographical mistakes made in at least two other races: Justice of the Peace and the Congressional seat.

McBride described these as "typos" on official election spreadsheets and said they, "do not affect the outcome of those races because the winners won by such a large margin."

The Brewster County treasurer's race is the only one with an unclear winner.

County officials are set to meet Friday, November 17 with Lockhart, McBride, Shackelford and Staton to canvass the votes and make any necessary corrections.

After votes are canvassed, a recount may be requested by the losing candidate within two days.

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