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Worship Center in Andrews Attracting Members Through Power of Music

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - A worship center in Andrews is using the power of music to attract more members and this "church with a vision" is growing quickly.

If you've seen the movie Sister Act, you might remember a scene showing how the power of music can attract people from all walks of life into church.

The Apostolic Worship Center in Andrews is using the same tool to attract their members.

"Music moves us. Music stirs up the emotions and the spirit," Phil Marroquin, Pastor of the Apostolic Worship Center of Andrews, said.

"Music is a universal language. It says in the Bible that, 'Let every nation and tongue, no matter what language you speak, connect through music,'" Lisa Marroquin, a singer at the Apostolic Worship Center of Andrews, said.

The music gets people moving. Although Lisa doesn't speak Spanish, it's still delivered with perfection.

"Being able to sing in Spanish, I found that I'm able to connect with more people. They really appreciate it when you can sing in Spanish especially if that's what they know," Lisa said.

"We like to think of ourselves as the friendliest place on Earth," Marroquin said.

Pastor Marroquin has served in the worship center for more than 20 years. He says their service provides the community with an outlet to just get back to the basics, like family values and unity.

"One thing that you can not hold back is when God wants to move in your life, you have to allow him to do that. That's the essence of worship. A freedom of worship. That makes a difference in just coming to a place and listening to music," Marroquin said.

In what might be the new frontier in worship service, everyone no matter what language is engaged and is involved.

As Pastor Phil says, when you go someplace and you feel something positive, that's what leaves one wanting more.

"You're not going to be judged, you're not going to be pointed the finger at. You're going to be welcomed into this family and you're going to be invited to become a worshiper and to have an experience with God," Marroquin said.

The Apostolic Worship Center, as said, has a vision. They are in the middle of constructing a building fit to hold 350 people.

We've posted more information and details on their upcoming Thanksgiving feast, click here.
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