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Carlsbad Police Arrest Three People in Connection With Two Consecutive Robberies

Leah Sparks Leah Sparks
Jarred Garcia Jarred Garcia
Ethan Burton Ethan Burton

Carlsbad Police Department Press Release

CARLSBAD – On November 9, 2014 the Carlsbad Police Department arrested three persons for their involvement in two robberies which occurred consecutively. Ethan Burton (24), Jarred Garcia (24), and Leah Sparks (19), all of Carlsbad were arrested for their participation in these crimes.

On November 9, 2014 at approximately 1223 hours the Carlsbad Police Department received a report of a robbery occurring at 1201 West Pierce (RoadRunner Express). The suspects were described as driving a white colored Nissan passenger car, and the person who demanded money from the clerk was described as a white male. The white male, later identified as Burton, walked into the store and demanded money from the clerk. Evidence suggests Burton was unarmed during the robbery. Burton exited the store with approximately $203 and ran to the vehicle belonging to Garcia. Garcia and Sparks waited for Burton in the vehicle as Burton committed the robbery. Once inside the vehicle Garcia drove backwards recklessly into traffic on Pierce Street nearly causing a collision to avoid identification of his vehicle via license plate.

According to a statement given by Burton, the three suspects left the store after the robbery and drove to a local drug house where he purchased heroin. Burton said he split the heroin with the others in the vehicle, and then they proceeded to drive to the Family Dollar store (902 West Mermod).

Once at the store Burton entered the store while Garcia and Sparks waited outside in Garcia's vehicle. Burton demanded money from the clerk, but the clerk was unable to open the register. Burton left the store without any money, and the three subjects left the store heading north to the La Huerta Chevron. As the proceeded to the next store a civilian saw the suspect vehicle driving near the beach area of Carlsbad. The civilian recognized the suspect vehicle description from information they had received via radio. The civilian reported this to police, and police ultimately apprehended all three suspects at the La Huerta Chevron (1401 North Canal). During an interview with police Burton admitted he had planned on robbing this store as well.

Burton was charged with Robbery, Attempted Robbery, and Conspiracy. Garcia was charged with Accessory to Robbery, Conspiracy, and Reckless Driving. Sparks was charged with Conspiracy. They were all three arrested and are currently being held at the Eddy County Detention Center awaiting arraignment.

If anyone has more information pertaining to the case please contact Detective Tonia Tiller at 885-2111 extension 231. For more information pertaining to this case please contact Detective Sergeant Allen Sanchez at 885-2111 extension 224.

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