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Caught on Camera: Burglar Shatters EZ Pawn Door, Flees the Scene

 by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Have you ever had an idea pop into your head, go through with it , and then immediately regret it? Well it looks like that's what happened with this guy, and now he'll be facing some jail time. 

If the voices in your head are telling you to break in to a building, you probably shouldn't listen to them. But sadly, this guy pressured himself into it after much debate in front of surveillance cameras.

"You see him get out and stand up beside one of the pillars. He's looking around, you can tell he's kinda looking to see if anybody's looking and then he takes a huge red wrench and knocks the glass out of the front door and as soon as the front door breaks open, he takes off running," Susan Rogers with Odessa Crime Stoppers said. 

You can see the man in the video giving himself a pep talk outside of the EZ Pawn on University Boulevard, unsure of the crime at hand. At one point he even walks back to his car but doesn't leave. Instead, he sits in the car for several minutes, possibly to listen to his game song to get pumped up.

Whatever that song was, it seemed to work. 

You then see him walk up to the plate, I mean, the store, with a red wrench in his hand and backpack unzipped ready to steal some pawned off goodies. Here's the wind up and the pitch, he swings for the fences and he makes a break for it! A walk-off home run shattering world records, and a glass door. 

"So he didn't ever get into the building. Did a lot of damage, but he didn't ever get into the building so I don't know if the guy broke the glass and it freaked him out and he had second thoughts. I don't know what happened but he did not get into the building, but it's still considered a burglar of a building," Rogers said. 

He looks shocked at his actions, as if maybe waling a wrench at a glass door wouldn't break it into a thousand little pieces. 

He sprints back to his car and takes off, leaving behind the wrench and a big mess, but he doesn't take anything.  

That's right, a state jail felony for being spooked by his own actions.  

"He definitely sat there and waited for a long time. I mean maybe he was waiting for someone to come with him, I don't know, and they stood him up, I don't know. It is what it is," Rogers said. 

If it seems like a bad idea, it's probably a bad idea. 

If you think you recognize this man, please call Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS and you may get a cash reward.  

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