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Sheriff Speaks About Gruesome Discovery

 by: Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

TERLINGUA-  Brewster county sheriff, Ronny Dodson dug up a body Wednesday that was under the floor boards of a house belonging to 49 year old Judith Broughton. Broughton has been in prison since May, after an investigation revealed she has been stealing her deceased Fathers social security checks since 1990. Broughton's Father's body was found earlier this year in a storage unit in Kentucky.

Broughton's Mother, Mary Broughton went missing months ago. Sheriff Dodson has been out to the home in Terlingua looking for the missing Mother, but had no luck, because of the condition of the house.

"Garbage, trash cans, blue tarps. Dead animals all over this place. When you go inside the floors are covered in fecies of cats and dogs," Brewster County Sheriff, Ronny Dodson said.

Then on Wednesday while sitting in prison, Broughton told authorities a body was buried under the floor in the kitchen.

"Naturally it's very gruesome. It didn't take very long to dig the body up. Only 12 inches of dirt," Sheriff Dodson said.

Sheriff Dodson says a special forensics team will help collect evidence to determine if this is Mary Broughton.

"The forensic team will come from Lubbock to take the entire body out so they can help us gather evidence properly," Dodson said.

Sheriff Dodson tells NewsWest 9, there were dead dogs laying on the body which hindered the cadaver dogs before when they went to the house looking for the mother.

"That's what I think. Because they weren't buried. They were just laying on top. They were decaying with their hair just floating all around," Dodson said.

Once the investigation is over all evidence will be given to the District Attorney to see if Judith Broughton will face any more charges.
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