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Legalized Marijuana in Colorado Popular Among Pot Smokers in the Basin

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - When you think of smuggling marijuana, you probably picture it coming from Mexico. But legal pot in Colorado is making it's way to the Basin.

Colorado, which sells marijuana legally under state law, gives consumers two options: To buy recreational or medicinal marijuana. The latter is being distributed right here in the Basin.

Police don't just have to worry about pot being smuggled across the Mexican border. Now, it's crossing state lines.

Medicinal marijuana in Colorado is becoming popular with pot smokers in the Basin.

"One, it's very high quality marijuana with potency levels that have not been seen in the past," Resident Agent in Charge at the Midland Drug Enforcement Administration, Dante Sorianello, said.

Medical marijuana is also cheaper.

The DEA says you can buy and have only one ounce of recreational pot in Colorado at a time. If it's medicinal, you can get two ounces at a much cheaper rate. For customers who have an "extended" medicinal marijuana card, they can buy up to a pound and a half of weed legally.

Drug dealers want that medical marijuana because they can make a whole lot more money off of it.

"These guys even did the math and found out that, that $4,000-$6,000, they can make more money if they broke it down and sold it by the ounce. So when you break it down, the profit margin goes up," Sorianello said.

Recently, Midland DEA says they are noticing a new phenomenon. When catching distributors selling the medicinal marijuana, they are catching them selling another drug as well. Cocaine.

"It's being referred to as 'dro and blow'. The 'blow' is a street name for the cocaine and the 'dro' is a street name for the hydroponic marijuana," Sorianello said.

Midland-Odessa is the first metropolitan area from the border in West Texas. That's why a lot of weed from Mexico is spotted here too.

Since our area is where the money is, DEA says consumers don't mind spending more green on the top shelf product.

"It's 7, 8, 9, 10 times more expensive but it's higher quality. So, let's call it a little 'designer marijuana' if you will. So individuals are spending that type of money cause they have that money to burn," Sorianello said.

The DEA isn't taking this lightly. They say if they find anyone who is distributing any type of marijuana will be prosecuted.

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