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Lubbock Forensic Experts Expected in Terlingua on Friday

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TERLINGUA - Forensic experts from Lubbock are expected to show up in Terlingua on Friday.

That's where a body was found buried under a kitchen floor.

Authorities are trying to confirm the body belongs to a missing woman Mary Broughton.

Her daughter, Judith, led the sheriff's office to the remains.

The body was found under the floor in the kitchen from Judith's home.

The sheriff's office says they've been several times to the house but never found the body because of the filth.

We're told there was feces and dead animals everywhere.

They also tell NewsWest 9, Judith buried dogs on top of her mother to confuse the cadaver dogs.

The sheriff says Judith also confessed to collecting her mother's social security benefits until May.

That's when police found her father's mummified remains in a storage unit in Kentucky.

The 49-year-old was sentenced in October to ten years in prison after she plead guilty to hiding her father's body in storage unit in Kentucky and cashing his social cashing in his social security benefits for over 20 years.

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