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How Does Co-Anchor Just Sit There??

by Jeannie Moos

Ever ask someone to dance and they say no? It happened to a TV newsman in West Virginia.

Sometimes an anchor has to rise. Not from the ashes, from the anchor desk.

Dan Thorn is shaking things up at WVNS in West Virginia. Putting on sunglasses and lip-synching to James Brown, rapping along with T.I.'s "where they at, doe," stealing his co-anchor's iPad to use as a prop.

During commercials or when waiting to go on the air, Dan is one anchor you can't anchor down.

But it's his co-anchor's not so amused attitude that helped make the outtakes Dan posted on his Facebook page go viral.

No matter how goofy his face miming to Taylor Swift.

Sarah Pisciuneri ignores Dan Thorn as if he's a thorn in her side.

"I was just trying to connect with my viewers and say, 'hey, I'm not a stiff,'" Thorn said.

“You're not peeved at him, are you?" CNN's Jeanne Moos, asked.

“No. Not at all. That's just who Dan is. He's a funny guy like that," Sarah Pisciuneri, Dan's Co-Anchor at WVNS, said.

By his third video, Dan was roaming around the studio.

For more than a year now, Dan and Sarah have been co-anchors and they both say they are very close.

"We do like each other and getting along isn't work," Pisciuneri said.

But Sarah draws the line at dancing during commercial breaks.

“Future employers might be looking at that and not taking me seriously," Pisciuneri said.

Though we did detect Sarah bopping her head ever so slightly. She even laughed. What's Dan say to those who call this unprofessional?

"That this is just me being myself," Thorn said.

"Do you think he's a clown?" Moos asked.

"Not in a bad way at all, but I mean, he's a silly guy," Pisciuneri said.

Now, Dan joins other talent in the viral hall of fame.

As for the speed with which the dancing anchor went viral, Dan quoted the anchorman he dressed up as for Halloween.

"He said, 'Well! That escalated quickly," Thorn said.

But don't drag Sarah into this. Her motto is Anchor's away.

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