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Pecos County Officials Investigating Suspicious Death

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

PECOS COUNTY - Pecos County officials are investigating a suspicious death. 

On Tuesday afternoon, deputies found 66-year-old James Gross dead on the side of Highway 67 North. Officials said he could have died from H2S gas but they're questioning the condition his body was found in.

"There was a white male subject on the side of the road that was gasping for air, it was around 3:18. By the time deputies arrived, the subject was deceased," T,J, Perkins, with the Pecos County Sheriff's Office, said. 

Perkins said they found Gross's truck about a mile away at a gas well where he worked.

"When deputies got there, they could smell sour gas," Perkins said.

Officials said the H2S gas could have killed James Gross but when they found his body something just wasn't right. We're told Gross would have had to walk through rain and mud to make it from where his truck was to where his body was found on the side of the road. But his clothes were dry and his boots were clean.

"If you walked out of the pasture and it's pouring down rain and walking out of the pasture for about a mile, he should have some kind of mud on his boots and his clothes would have been wet but we didn't see that on the body," Perkins said.

Officials said they only saw one set of footprints by Gross's truck but they're not ruling anything out yet. The body has been sent off for an autopsy and the Pecos County Sheriff's Office does have his truck for evidence. Now, officials are asking for the public's help.

"If anyone saw him walking on the highway, call us and let us know if they saw him walking or saw anything suspicious during that time around 3:17 P.M.," Perkins said.

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