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Seminole Mayor Speaks Out About Illegal Campaigning in Town

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9 

SEMINOLE - Accusations of illegal campaigning in Seminole. The town is set to decide Tuesday on whether to go wet or stay dry. The mayor supports the sale of alcohol but he isn't happy with how his opponents have handled their campaign.

"There were ads in the paper that just said "citizens for truth" but there was no campaign treasurer listed with them," Wayne Mixon, Mayor of Seminole, said.

That's when the Mayor started getting suspicious. According to the Texas Code of Ethics, once a campaign raises or spends more than $500, they must elect a treasurer. Which according to the paperwork filed with the city, "Concerned Citizens for Truth" received $500 on October eighth.

However, the campaign failed to file with the city at that time in order to make them an official political action committee and it doesn't end there.

According to law, you must file your contributions with name, address and dates of contributions 30 days before the election and again eight days before the election which was on October 27. Concerned Citizens for Truth didn't file a single document with the city until October 31, which is illegal.

It turns out the person who has been spearheading the illegal ads is on the city council and now the Mayor is taking action.

"We are turning her in to the State Ethics Commission for violation of all of the rules," Mixon said.

City councilwoman Michel Powers is listed as the "Concerned Citizens of Truth" campaign treasurer. On Monday, Powers said their campaign made a few mistakes.

"We did not realize we had to file it with the city because it was a city only election this time so we were late on getting that paperwork filed," Powers said.

But the Mayor claims this same exact incident happened a few years back when they tried to make the county wet. Powers admits that incident as well but said they didn't know they were doing anything illegal. 

"We don't have lawyers and consulting companies that keep us straight. We did make a few mistakes but we are moms, dads, grandma's, grandpa's that love our city and we have corrected what we were in error of," Powers said.

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