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Monday Afternoon High Speed Chase Fifth in Less Than A Week

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - With a rise in crime, the number of high speed chases will rise. The most recent chase happened on Monday afternoon.

The chase was the third high speed chase to happen in Odessa just in the past two days. Two of which, ended in a crash. In total, that's five high speed chases in less than a week.

After about 25 minutes, the chase Monday afternoon ended after the suspect crashed into the fence of a home on the 3800 block of North Dixie.

“If a police officer is lawfully attempting to pull you over, stop. Otherwise, bad things like this happen,” Steve LeSueur, Public Information Officer of the Odessa Police Department, said.

28-year-old Bryant Adkins now faces jail time after two hit and runs which began in the 3800 block of Eisenhower when he hit a City of Odessa dump truck and ended at a home at 3802 North Dixie.

The Odessa Police Department says the recent influx in high speed chases is due to the criminal attitude of never being caught.

Police say, you can run but you can't hide.

“When somebody evades police, they can always have a warrant obtained for their arrest at a later date. Just because they evade, doesn't mean that's the end of it,” LeSueur said.

The City of Odessa has a plan. Mayor David Turner expressed concerns in a meeting last week about the rise in traffic and accidents in the Basin. The plan is still in its preliminary stages but Mayor Turner wishes to work alongside Odessa Police to target reckless drivers.

“The streets are already overcrowded as it is, so it's just not fair to place other people's lives at risk just because you choose to evade the police,” LeSueur said.

OPD wants criminals to keep in mind, if you're planning on running, the charges can only grow.

“It somebody does evade in a motor vehicle and they end up evading on foot also, we're always going to go with the higher charge,” LeSueur said.

Just Sunday, Odessa Police arrested three men, Luis Acosta, Isaiah Mosby and Nick Larez, all of which were involved in evading arrest in two separate high speed chases.

Suspect Bryant Adkins involved in the high speed chase that ended on the 3800 block of Dixie is in custody. There were no injuries in either hit and run incident Monday afternoon.
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