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Odessa Task Force Out Looking for Underage Drinking Following Rivalry Football Game

by Justin Kree
NewsWest 9 

ODESSA- If you're hosting a party Friday night after the game, Odessa Crime Stoppers warns that your friends may want money instead of your friendship.

Together, the City of Odessa, the Ector County Independent School District and Crime Stoppers are teaming up this weekend with a task force. Their mission is to look for underage drinking. They are offering money, a lot of money, if someone sends an anonymous tip.

"You don't know who your friends are and whose not. My best tips come from people you would not imagine would call on you," Susan Rogers with Odessa Crime Stoppers, said.

They picked this weekend to kick off the task force because of the big rivalry football game between Permian High School and Odessa High School but also because of the many Halloween parties that are sure to happen. There are other reasons why they're doing this.

"We've had some tragic events that have happen in the school district this year. I know there are hundreds of school kids out there that would give anything to be able to rewind and go back to before those events happened," Rogers said

Crime Stoppers has tip lines available 24 hours a day. You will remain anonymous if you call.  Rogers says a tip that leads to an arrest this weekend is good for $200. More money could be coming your way depending how many arrests are made. She urges neighbors and fellow students to call if they know of underage drinking.

"They go to a party not anticipating that's what's going to happen. They get there and there is alcohol or drug use. We ask them to leave that party and give us a phone call," Rogers said.

The number to Crime Stoppers is 333-TIPS. 

Rogers stated that they will have a good handle on this weekend.

"I want the individuals that are planning parties to know that Crime Stoppers is already getting phone calls we already know about some of the stuff that is going on," Rogers said.

Overall, it's for the safety of students and the community on Halloween and football Friday.

"You don't want to wake up Monday morning wishing you made that phone call," Rogers said.

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