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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Coming To A Close

by Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - In the last few years, October has become known as "Pinktober" breast cancer awareness is in full swing. This month is a reminder for all women to get a mammogram because some cancers are hard to detect.

"One in eight women are being diagnosed with breast cancer. It's going to affect nearly every family, every church group, every civic group. Someone in their group is going to be touched by breast cancer," Nurse Navigator at Midland Memorial Hospital, Jenifer Dumire, said.

Dumire says she follows women through their journey to beat cancer from the initial abnormal mammogram.  

Women over 40 are asked to get screened once a year. Dumire educates women as young as high school to start self-screening.

"When they're in the shower of laying on their bed, just running their hand over their breast to see what their normal tissue feels like. If anything changes to let their Doctor know right away," Dumire said.

In November of 2011, Hanna Darden was diagnosed with stage four Inflammatory breast cancer.

"It cannot be diagnosed by a mammogram, it cannot be diagnosed by an ultrasound. The only way to get it diagnosed is by having a biopsy," Cancer Patient, Hanna Darden, said.

Darden was in Midland earlier this month to raise money for inflammatory breast cancer. Darden says her type of cancer doesn't get much attention.

"If you haven't seen the story of someone going through it, it goes right through your mind. But we are real women, this is a real disease and we need real research," Darden said.

Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare form that often times can spread rapidly.

"Lot's of times doctors will mistake this for an infection," Dumire said.

Even more reason to get screened often.

"Let people know you have to be aware of yourself and aware of your body. Because it's considered to be rare, some doctors know of it but they don't ever look for it. It's the last thing they look for," Darden said.

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