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Mexico to Use Fracking Technology Developed in the Permian Basin

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

Fracking methods used here in the Basin are being sought across the border. More companies in Mexico are planning to start drilling.

We've been importing oil from Mexico through a pipeline for years. Now, Mexico wants to continue exploring for oil themselves using our technology so they can produce oil in a more cost-effective way.

"Just in the Permian Basin, we've increased our production by 67% in the last five or six years. They see that, and they say, 'Hey! we want some of that!" Oil Expert, Morris Burns, said.

For years, technology developed in the Basin has gone worldwide.

"To be competitive, we have to be prepared. That's the first step to be able to compete with other oil and gas industries. By preparing the people," Mayor of Ojinaga, Chihuahua, Miguel Carreon Rohana, said.

Carreon Rohana joined by other leaders, including the Secretary of Energy of Mexico and Norway and oil companies of all sizes, met just last week to discuss the potential of drilling in Mexico.

"They are interested in our technology to do horizontal drilling and fracturing to produce oil from that shale formation," Burns said.

Experts say the hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling in the Basin is what many countries seek to do themselves. Why? With millions needed to begin to drill, this method allows for more oil production in a cost-effective way.

"We're going to see a huge increase in employment, jobs with great pay. With that comes more options and more opportunities to generate more income," Carreon Rohana said.

Mexican land owners will see a percentage of revenue from oil production. Infrastructure will also see changes as oil companies will build more routes, providing better road conditions for drivers.

"They're going to fix the roads. The funds will not only be investing in the oil companies but will in turn benefit our community and our city," Carreon Rohana said.

With Pemex being the only company drilling for oil at the moment, as more companies jump on board, Mexico's Energy Reform could be a complete game changer.

"At least on our border, I feel this will change history. That's the truth," Carreon Rohana said.

The environment in Mexico has also been called into question due to oil operations. With this Energy Reform also comes an initiative to generate electricity a little differently. Mayor Carreon Rohana says they're in talks with different companies to make this happen and generate electricity in a "go green" way.

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