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City Council To Hear Presentation About Banning Plastic Bags

by Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Litter has become a problem in Big Spring. The organization, Keep Big Spring Beautiful, wants to convince the City Council to eliminate the problem around the city.

"We're really just opening up the discussion at this point. We don't have anything set in concrete. We just want to look at some of the other communities that have these bans in place and see if they're working and see if they're effective," Peggy Hopper, President of Keep Big Spring Beautiful, said. 

Hopper says something about the plastic bags needs to be done sooner rather than later.

"I feel like this is one way for us to get ahead of the things that need to be done here. One of the big things is cleaning up litter," Hooper said.

Roxy Belew is a resident of Big Spring who is undecided about the plastic bag ban.

"I'm kind of iffy. One time I see them all up and down the street but then I use them to line my trash bag," Belew said.

Belew would like to see the city discuss it more. She says she's afraid cloth bags would be too costly. But she does agree parts of the city need to be cleaned up.

"If you're over here by Walmart, it is very messy, people can't seem to throw away their bags. They just throw them out the window." Belew said.

Keep Big Spring Beautiful says both Walmart and HEB would be open to the idea of no plastic.

"We talked with Walmart and HEB and they are very much for whatever is best for the community. It will take a city ordinance before they can stop using the plastic. Like I said before, they are behind anything that will make Big Spring a better community," Hopper said.

Overall, Big Spring is being proactive to not let this problem blow away in the wind.

"How destructive they can be to not only the environment but also to wildlife. The fact that they are an eye-sore if they are not disposed of properly," Hopper said.
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