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UFO Border Zone, Dude of the Dead Music Festival Wrap Up in Presidio

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

PRESIDIO - The Presidio UFO Border Zone Festival and the Dude of the Dead Music Festival wrapped up Saturday night.

"There's a parade, there's a ghost hunt, there's a sky watch, there's an astronomy party, there's a costume party, there's a music festival. It's all these things rolled into one," Nick Pope, Presenter at the UFO Border Zone Festival and former UK Ministry of Defense, said.

People from all over the U.S., even Europe gathered this weekend in Presidio for the Third Annual UFO Border Zone Festival.

"We had an alien costume contest. A kid and his aunt won. They were intergalactic missionaries," Brad Newton, Executive Director of Presidio Municipal Development District & Tourism, said.

"It's to educate people of some of the strange mysteries that have been occurring here, especially here in the Southwest," Ruben Uriarte, UFO Expert and Presenter at the UFO Border Zone Festival, said.

"This is very close to the site of what's known as the 'Mexican Roswell'. There was, apparently just over the border, a UFO crash in, I believe, 1974," Pope said.

That UFO crash still has people talking.

Saturday's lecture series featured Nick Pope and Ruben Uriarte among several others discussing the unexplained.

"We meet many people that have had their own particular encounters, seen strange objects but sometimes had some experiences that have really been very quite profound to them," Uriarte said.

"Sightings that are backed up by radar evidence, good photographs and videos that even government experts can't debunk. You'll find a lot of stories. UFO's, ghosts, the paranormal, the unexplained. People love mysteries." Pope said.

Saturday also marked the sixth annual Dude of the Dead Music Festival featuring acts from both sides of the border bringing live music to the desert.

"They have different festivals all around West Texas and they're always in bars or some place. I like having live music out in the open where you can see stars, where you have the open air, where you can camp out," Dude of the Dead Organizer and Owner of Angell Expeditions, Charlie Angell, said.

Organizers say the festivals are growing every year.

Next year's UFO Border Zone and Dude of the Dead Festival is planned on Halloween.
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