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Truck Crashes Into Big Spring Home For a Second Time

by Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - On Thursday night around 11 p.m., a red Tahoe crashed through a fence, driving across a yard and finally stopped inside one Big Spring home. We're told this is the second time that this happened in less than a year.

"It happened last October 27 which would be this up coming Monday. Then again, last night," Big Spring Homeowner, Carl Reynolds, said.

Last October, it was the garage that a car crashed into. Reynolds repaired the damage. Then Thursday night, as he and his dog Coco were in bed, a familiar sound woke them up.

"I had just gone to bed about 10 minutes before. I had not gone to sleep yet when I heard the awful crash," Reynolds said

Reynolds showed us a sofa where he and his dog sit every night. The sofa was covered with debris. At first, Reynolds thought the water heater exploded but then he saw the dust.

"I walked down the hall and could not see anything because of the gray haze. Then I did see the vehicle here," Reynolds said.

The driver of the SUV left the scene before the police arrived.

"I heard this guy say is anybody in there? I said just a minute. By the time, I got in here they already left the vehicle," Reynolds said.

Reynolds says the house is 55-years-old and he's never heard of cars crashing into the house before he bought it in 2013. Two times in less than a year is two times too many.

After losing an organ that he would play every night, there are other mementos that he needs to find.

"There are two or three things that belong to my Mother. I have to find those. I can't do that until this debris is moved out of the way," Reynolds said.

Reynolds is happy that he didn't get hurt. But he plans on moving once the repairs are done to the house.

"I'm ok. Coco is ok. Everything can be replaced. However, I see a move in the future. I don't know where but the near future," Reynolds said.
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