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Seminole ISD Offering Adult Education Classes, Sees Highest Enrollment

by Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

SEMINOLE- The Adult Education Program is growing so rapidly in Seminole. They recently converted part of the old junior high just to hold all the classes. 

There is a big German population in Seminole and culturally many of them had to go to work once reaching a certain age. Many of them did not finish school and never received a high school diploma.

"The majority of our students are German speaking. In the German culture, you only have to go to school until the age of 12," Mary Arrambide-Ortega, Director of the Adult Education Program, said.

The enrollment for the adult education program has been on the rise since the program began in 2000. The district will add a new daycare center across the street so parents can focus on learning knowing their children are in good hands. They are also setting a good example about the importance of an education.

"Teaching their children that school is important. Mom and Dad are coming to school and they will even bring the kids to their classrooms," Arrambide-Ortega said.

Classes are held during the day and night classes are available too. Gaines County funds the program every year. The county asks in return that they teach citizenship classes and financial literacy classes to help better prepare the students.

"We proved that it was going to work and we proved that a lot people need adult education. The County picked up the tab since that time," Seminole ISD Superintendent, Doug Harriman, said.

Whether the student is German, Hispanic, or any other race, and whether they're 17 or 70, there is a need for education in Seminole.

"The outlook that they have on their education, it worked. And they are so proud where they are," Arrambide-Ortega said.

"This is the diamond of Seminole ISD that no one knows about," Harriman said.

If you live in Seminole or in the area and want to join the Adult Education Program, you can call the Adult Learning Center at 432-758-4135.

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