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Neighbors Start Petition to Fix Rough Caliche Road

 by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

MARTIN COUNTY - A caliche road ridden with potholes has some neighbors on edge as it is nearly impossible to safely drive down. 

"You know, a lot of people are trying to get to work. The school bus won't even come down here, so everybody has to drive to go all the way to County 1150. They're on a corner and it gets all piled up with cars there and that's where the school bus picks up all the kids from Midland and Stanton," Ernie Martinez said. 

And when it rains, it floods. 

County Road 40, also known as 2200 is privately owned. It's been around for nearly 30 years, originally meant as just a road for the oilfields. However with the growing population comes more houses popping up, and more traffic going through. 

"There's not 20 of us, there's more than 20 of us out here," Martinez said. "You can see all the way down there where all these people [sic] everyday somebody is moving in." 

The problem is, because it's privately owned, the county says they can't fix it. We're told the owner of the road was the one who donated caliche to Martin County Road and Bridge, who agreed to fix the road as a one time deal. They filled in the potholes back in April, but it hasn't been fixed since. 

"You know, they fixed it but somebody's still got to maintain it," Martinez said. 

Now Martinez and his wife, Sandra, have been hard at work for over a year trying to get people to sign a petition so that the county will be responsible for the upkeep. All of the houses along the road agreed to sign it, except for two. 

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