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ECISD Approves New School Zones

  by Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - It's been 25 years since the last time the Ector County School District (ECISD) has made any changes to its boundaries.

Tuesday evening, after several public meetings over the last couple of months, board members voted to approve a new plan which keeps Ross Elementary School open. 

Along with that, the district will be adding three new schools--Edward K Downing Elementary... G-E Buddy West Elementary, and Lee Buice Elementary.

In adjusting to those new schools, some neighborhoods will be rezoned, which will ultimately affect the bus routes.  

"Look at those that made absolutely no sense to be busing kids across zones," ECISD Superintendent Tom Crowe said. "In some cases, crossing two middle school zones to get to the zone that they were going to, and so we can look at it and said is there a way that we can clean these zones up to help with our busing." 

And while the middle and elementary school zones are getting a makeover, high school boundaries will stay the same--at least for now.  

"As we look at it, I think the community's got to have deep discussions over the next year over what we want our high schools to look like. They've got to make a decision on how large they want them to be because I can foresee if the growth continues, our high schools are getting upwards of 4000 kids in them," Crowe said.  

However, not everyone was on board. Donna Smith was the only one who voted against the idea and Luis Galvan chose not to vote. 

In the end, the new boundaries will be set in place for the next school year.

For a closer look at the new zoning maps, you can click this link. 

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