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Owner of Monahans Bush's Chicken Speaks Out After Shocking Video Was Released

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9 

MONAHANS - Shocking footage of the Monahans Bush's Chicken has gone viral. It shows an employee barefoot inside the ice machine. The footage had a lot of our viewers wanting answers.

"No Bush's in the West Texas area has ever been shut down because of an infraction that it was causing health problems," Tommy Sandlin, Owner of the West Texas Bush's Chicken's, said. 

The owner tells NewsWest 9 this was all a misunderstanding. The employees were actually cleaning the machines when that video was taken four months ago.

"What they're doing is cleaning the ice machines. We do this twice a year." Sandlin said.

In fact, Sandlin said getting inside of the machines is protocol. 

"The only way to do it, and even by the manufacturers recommendation, is to get inside to clean the bottom of it and remove stale ice and anything that may have gotten past the filters," Sandlin said.

We're told this is only ever done after hours and once the employee is done, everything is sanitized.

"Then we get out of it and then disinfect it and fill it back up the next night," Sandlin said.

Sandlin believes the video was just now released because of an angry former employee who was fired for unknown reasons but got their hands on the footage.

"They were terminated and in retaliation they put the video up. If they felt there was something wrong with it, they should have done it four months ago. They threatened me about wanting their job back and we don't do that," Sandlin said.

The owner said all of the West Texas Bush's Chickens always pass their health inspection with at least a 90% and he's willing to prove it. 

"I have no problem with anybody who wants to see any of my stores that I have control over. Day or night I will be more than happy to walk them through any location that I have at any time and show them anything that they want to see," Sandlin said. 

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