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Local Doctors Discuss Disturbing Physical, Mental Effects of Meth on the Body

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN - Methamphetamine is the most popular drug in the Basin, that's according to police.

The mental effects like paranoia, suicidal thoughts, violence and seeing and hearing things are life-changing to say the least. But when you take a look at the effects on a meth user's appearance, the change is most definitely eye-opening.

It's disturbing to see how meth affects one's appearance.

The criminals pictured in the video were photographed when they were first caught with meth, then again months and even years later.

"What starts out with some people taking this for stimulation, they can be awake longer, work a little harder, ends up taking a very, very destructive path," Dr. Sudip Bose, Emergency Medicine Physician at Medical Center Hospital, said.

Meth also causes extreme weight loss and dehydration.

"This gives you the classic appearance of a disheveled person who looks 20, 30 years older than their age," Bose said.

Because the drug is hand made, the concentration of certain chemicals can vary in each dose, affecting each user differently.

"The aging process accelerates a lot when you use methamphetamine. You're really using and abusing your body when you do this. Your heart's beating a lot faster, your metabolism is going a lot faster. everything is elevating and essentially you're aging a lot faster," Bose said.

"Teeth can become hollow, gums are rotting, teeth are rotting and the skin becomes a different texture," Psychiatrist, Associate Professor and Regional Chair at Texas Tech Health Science Center at the Permian Basin, Dr. Bobby Jain, said.

Doctors say many deaths have occurred because meth goes directly to the heart, constricting blood vessels.

They also say, in comparison to the effects of cocaine, meth takes more of a mental toll.

"The sense of paranoia, the suspiciousness, seeing things, hearing things is probably more likely with methamphetamine than anything else," Jain said.

Cities across the U.S. have even put ads on T.V. in attempt to curb meth use. 

Doctors also say meth can cause users to be aggressive and violent. The drug is most commonly used in young adults because it's cheap and easy to make and it's mostly seen in border states.

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