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Big Spring Community Unveils Howard County Civil War Memorial

 by: Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- After ten and half years of research, on Saturday, the Big Spring community unveiled the Howard County Civil War Memorial.

"It was time consuming. There were a couple of instances we came across people with the same name. We had to determine which one was ours," Howard County Historical Commissioner, Sue Ann Damron, said.

Damron started the research because she loves history. Little did she know a decade later it would be a memorial to the 83 Civil War soldiers who died in Howard County after the war.

"Census records were a big help to see where they came from and where they were every ten years," Damron said.

After the war ended in 1865, the Confederate soldiers returned to life in Texas. Some Union Veterans moved to Howard County as well. They lived side by side with the Confederate Vets. Enemies on the battle field, neighbors at home.

"That is significant and I really do think it's a tribute to the people who settled in this county in the early 1900's. They made it work and buried past differences and moved on," Speaker, Dr. Stan Cosby said.

Dr. Stan Cosby's Great Grandfather was a Confederate Soldier who was a Howard County Commissioner once returning home from the war. His name is on the monument. Cosby says today is really no different then back then.

"This is a time that's really tumultuous as their time. I think we can really learn lessons, reconciliation, peace and working together on a mutual good for all people of Howard County," Cosby said.

Howard County Judge Mark Barr was in attendance for the unveiling. 

"Today, I was quite surprised how many Veterans of the Civil War were buried here in Howard County," Barr said.

The county invites the public to come look at the new addition on the Courthouse lawn.

"There are probably lots of people here who don't even know their Great Grandpa is on that monument," Damron said.
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