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County, Oil Show Organizers Feel Confident Protecting The Public From Ebola

by Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Tents are going up and work crews are putting finishing touches on this year's Permian Basin International Oil Show. The show will kicks off next Tuesday.

Organizers tell NewsWest 9 that the threat of canceling the show because of Ebola was never going to happen.

"No, that never crossed our mind. Obviously, Ebola is something we need to be aware of but it's not something I consider to be a real threat to the show," Tony Fry, Executive Director of the Permian Basin International Oil Show, said.

The recent Ebola scare at Midland Memorial Hospital on Wednesday was another false alarm. The hospital tells NewsWest 9 that they treated it as a drill. It showed them what equipment they need to stock up on in case a real Ebola case came to the emergency room. 

"Further implement additional precaution in the event of a real Ebola case. This includes more training and adding additional personnel to our response team," Midland Memorial Hospital Infection Preventionist, Val Sparks, said.

Hospital officials want to remind everyone that we are only a short plane ride away from where Ebola is. 

So far, there have been no reported cases in West Texas.

"We need to stay abreast to what the Government and the State is recommending," Sparks said.

Ector County feels they are well prepared for the oil show, regardless that some people will be from Africa.

"We plan to be out and about. We have been collaborating with all the agencies that need to be aware of 40,000 extra people coming to our community," Gino Solla, Director of the Ector County Health Department, said. 

Anyone coming from Africa will be screened in their country before leaving and screened again once entering the United States. Oil show volunteers went through a special training for Ebola.

Ector County and organizers of the show say that they feel confident there won't be any Ebola issues.

"Lets just enjoy the oil show and have a good time. The last thing we need to do as a population is panic without the need of panic," Solla said. 

"We will probably get hit by lightning today as clear as the skies are before we have to worry about Ebola," Fry said.

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