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Local Hospitals Have Recently Added To Ebola Protocol

Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Wednesday marked the third Ebola case to come out of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. NewsWest 9 spoke to local hospitals about the Ebola scare just a week ago. They had procedures put into place, but Wednesday, they've stepped up their game plan.

"Things are evolving rapidly as far as recommendations from the CDC on the type of equipment that we should use," RN CIC Infection Control for Medical Center Health Systems, Rebecca Johnson said.

Doctors and nurses are going through interactive training courses with the personal protective equipment to be sure safety is being met.

"You contaminate yourself while taken off the PPE we'll keep practicing until that doesn't happen," Johnson said.

Midland Memorial Hospital is bringing in a special group to take better precaution.

"Creating a dedicated Infectious Disease Response Team that has been in specialized training today to ensure they are all experts in how to treat patients with highly infectious disease such as Ebola. Dedicated ED and CCU rooms have been established for the treatment of these types of patients," Midland Memorial Ebola Update said.

Odessa Regional Medical Canter will go one step further with those treating an Ebola patient.

"Five parts water and one part bleach solution. We will spray the care giver down with their personal protective equipment on before they remove it," Chief Nursing Officer, Levi Stone said.

Stone says going back to the basics is important to remember when a patient comes in with flu-like symptoms.. The first question they're going to ask is where the patient has been the last two weeks.

"It's extending into Europe, now three cases in the U.S. We have to be cognizant about that fact and ask them specific questions about their travel," Stone said.

Overall, all three hospitals feel confident they are ready for Ebola

"Just making sure we are ready at all times until this outbreak is resolved," Stone said.

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