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Law Enforcement Officials Pay Their Respects to Sgt. Mike Naylor

by Justin Kree
NewsWest 9 

MIDLAND - Family, friends, loved ones and law enforcement came to pay their respects to Sergeant Mike Naylor. The crowd poured outside after the service, still and silent, as they watched the flag-draped casket be lifted into an awaiting hearse. 

"This is really hard for law enforcement because they all know it could have been their call. The spouses also, because that could be their loved one," Donna Kleman, Chaplain with the Taylor County Sheriff Office, said.

There were officials from all over, near and far, to show support.

"To see the show of support especially from the different Sheriff's Departments from all over the United States actually. We witnessed an officer from the Chicago Police Department sign in," Mylinda Allen, Superintendent at MHMR Permian Basin Community Center, said. 

Local officials spoke about the kind of family that law enforcement really is.

"It shows that the fellowship we have for officers, when any department or office loses an officer, then we all lose one," Ector County Sheriff, Mark Donaldson, said.

"As a law enforcement officer, it makes me so proud to see the support that law enforcement has for one of their fallen brothers. And that the community has for law enforcement, it's really great," Midland Police Chief,  Price Robinson, said

Mylinda Allen worked with Deputy Naylor through the mental health unit. She would call him many times to help those who needed it. How will she move on knowing Naylor won't pick up her calls anymore.

"Good question. Support each other is all we can do. It will be hard," Allen said.
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