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Pink in the Basin Raises Awareness for Breast Cancer at Freedom Park

by Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - It was the third annual Pink in the Park event in Odessa on Sunday. Dozens of people showed up to show their support for breast cancer awareness. And of course, everything was pink. 

"It is a very important event, not only to honor our survivors and those that we've lost but to raise awareness," Lauren Balderas, a mammogram technician, said. 

Balderas lost her mother after a long battle with breast cancer but she used that as a driving force in her career. 

"With breast cancer, you're pretty much related to somebody that's had it or you know somebody directly. There's been so many women here in the Permian Basin that's been affected that I think it's not more important than any other cancer, but it just weighs a lot more," Balderas explained. "Because it's that yearly exam that you have to have. It's that yearly fear of waiting for those results of, 'am I okay this year?' or you know, "am I fine?" 

Four out of five women in the Permian Basin still do not get mammograms. Those who put on this event hope by just seeing pink and learning more about breast cancer that they get the information they need to take the next step. 

"It makes everyone think about that a little bit more. It makes women think about it. It makes it something that's more on the forefront. Get the attention, get the word out there and you have better outcomes," Lori Nelson, who works with the West Texas Gifts of Hope, said. 

Pink flags were placed in the park in honor and in memory of lives affected by breast cancer.

"This is about breast cancer. October is about breast cancer. But cancer impacts everyone and there are lots of different kinds of cancer out there," Nelson said. 

Pink in the Basin will be held in Midland on Saturday, October 18 at Grafa Park. 

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