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Voters Will Decide If Alcohol Sales Will Be Sold

 by: Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

SEMINOLE-  Seminole is one of the last dry communities in Texas. Voters have a chance to change that on November 4th.

If passed, Alcohol will be sold in the city limits. It will be a first time in history for the small community. A petition received over the 500 signatures that were needed.

"We got a very got response when we were doing the petition drive. People were coming out of the wood work to sign the petition. Of course they had to be a registered voter in the city," Partner for the Texas Petition Strategy, John Hatch said.

Hatch says Seminole Mayor, Wayne Mixon contacted him because he saw the city's money going to other cities.

"After Andrews, Denver City, Lamesa all voted wet, the Mayor and others in the community said we want to keep our tax dollars at home. We want them to be paying for our police cars, fix our pot holes. I think that's what they want done and that's why they decided to move forward on an election," Hatch said.

Resident Nadine Finsher has lived in Seminole for more than 40 years. She would like to see alcohol be sold in the city.

"It would be right here, they wouldn't be traveling across the state. We would get more revenue," Finsher said.

Not everyone hopes it will pass.

"I'm not sure if it will or not, but I hope it doesn't. It's not Seminole. It's not something we need here. We have a good community, a small town, good kids and I don't want that to be around as a temptation for our kids, Resident, Kayla Gardz said

Hatch tells NewsWest 9 that over 400 communities in Texas have gone wet since 2003. Crime and car accidents are not on the rise there like people assume. He says people still drink alcohol in Seminole even though its dry

"The town of Seminole is not dry for consumption. It's dry for the sale. There drinking it there, it just wasn't bought there," Hatch said.
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