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Local Security Company Shows Power of Video To Catch Wrongdoers

Anum Valliani

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - We all know that social media is a good tool to help catch the bad guys. But one Midland based security company is taking it a step farther.

Security Standard has a YouTube channel where they post unique surveillance videos. From catching thefts to monitoring liability issues, the videos are done up with special edits that highlight what people may miss from right beneath their noses.

"I mean people can have stuff stolen for weeks and weeks and weeks and never know that it's gone. I'll say one hundred percent of companies don't know what they're losing," a project manager for the company, Joseph Haas, said. 

That's why the Security Standard is broadcasting the specialized videos.

"We deck them out and we point different stuff out that you normally wouldn't notice, just to an untrained eye per se so they have a better idea what they're looking at. 

They reference a recent burglary that was caught on cam. In the video they use zoom, backtracking, different angles, and write notes directly to the viewer. And all that is added to a blaring soundtrack.

"That was a case where we already had all the information that we needed previously, but we posted what we could just to show what happens and that was actually a personal theft from our company," Haas said, adding that they only jumped on board after making sure they were in the clear to release the sensitive information. 

According to Haas, they've been seeing a massive increase in people requesting hidden cameras for their businesses; about four or five times up in the past couple of years, or twenty times more from the past ten. He said it's because the software helps companies save a lot of money.

"You have to consider that most thefts is by employees anyway. And so that's where some of the more covert stuff comes in. If the employee doesn't know, the company has a better shot at basically catching them," he explained.

Haas claims it also proves beneficial to those stepping in to preserve the law. Once a month the company gets a call to help pull some video. Sometimes it's from a lawyer, other times it's an officer or the company dealing with the conflict that wants to get their hands on the video. 

But they're quick to say they work with the law, not act in their place.

"It's not like we're trying to be say like a CrimeStoppers or anything else like that but, get it to where more people are talking about it, the police give it a little bit higher priority so that the police take it just a little bit further than what they have the time for," he said.

The Midland Police Department also has a YouTube page filled with videos of thieves caught on cam. 

Officials at MPD said they're looking into ramping them up in the future.  

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