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Hospital Put Ebola Plan to Action

Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Next to the main emergency entrance at Midland Memorial Hospital there is a small door where all hazmat patients enter. The reason is to keep them isolated from everyone else. The possible Ebola patient was brought through that door late Tuesday night.

When the patient arrived at the hospital, the well rehearsed plan was put in action. It was determined early on that the patient did not have Ebola

"The plan worked exceptionally well. It was a good practice for us. The good news is, it was a false alarm," Infection Proventionist at Midland Memorial Hospital,Val Sparks said.

The patient was still kept isolated until the Center for Disease Control and hospital officials gave the ok.

"The diagnosis was nausea and vomiting, and the patient was discharged this morning," Sparks said.

The first reported Ebola case in the U.S. was in Dallas. A short plane ride away, this has worried some West Texans.

"There is a heightened awareness within the community for Ebola at this point," Sparks said.

After last night's scare, Midland Memorial feels more prepared than ever.

"We are very proud of our staff and the screening protocol, the isolation protocols, following CDC guidelines. We were in touch with CDC. We were in touch with our Infectious disease physicians and there was no risk or exposures. We did take the proper precautions and it was a great practice for the plan," Sparks said.

Officials want to stress that procedures were followed correctly and there is no scare of Ebola at the hospital.

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