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Police Catch a Man Responsible for Two Robberies

Staff Report
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ODESSA- Charles Eichenlaub was arrested and charged with robbery, obstruction, and resisting arrest.

Odessa Police were called to a robbery at the Stripes on JBS Parkway early yesterday morning. When they arrived they were told the suspect, a white man in an orange sweatshirt was last seen heading towards the Andalucia Apartments.

Then there was another robbery call at the 7-11 on East 52nd Street with a similar description given for the suspect. This time officers were told he was in a gray car going south on Grandview.

Officers pulled him over and he was identified as the robber of both stores. While trying to arrest him, he attempted to run but was quickly taken to the ground. Though he continued to verbally threaten officers.

The stolen property and cash was recovered and returned to the convenience stores.

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