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Midland Christian Mustangs Now Practicing with Guardian Cap

 by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The Guardian Cap is a silver-padded layer of protection that has made its way into the basin. It is said to reduce the impact of hits to the head by up to 33%, and the head coach of Midland Christian is fully on board with this new technology. 

"With all the concussion information that's coming out, you want to do everything we can do to keep our kids safe and their brains safe for the long haul," Coach Greg McClendon said. 

Hits to the head are bound to happen in the rugged game of football, and the Guardian Cap cannot prevent concussions, but it can slow down the impact by adding an extra layer of exterior padding. 

While most players were skeptical of their new headgear, they say they can already see a difference. 

"I guess they don't hurt as bad when you hit, but they can get kind of hot, but they're not heavy because they're light," Will Sanford, a linebacker for the Mustangs, said. 

"At first they thought they looked funny, and you know, it didn't take long for them to get used to them. They're very light, they have some padding to them," McClendon said. 

This is the first year that Midland Christian is using them, and right now, they're only wearing the caps during practice. 

"Forever, people thought that it was the big licks that caused major concussions and stuff and really it's probably been linked to more consistent licks day in and day out," McClendon said. 

And this isn't the only school in West Texas wearing them. Midland Trinity started using the caps as well, because whether it's professional or high school football, the main goal is safety.

"Obviously it makes parents and moms feel a lot better that you're doing everything you can to put their kids in a healthy environment and healthy situation," McClendon said. 

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