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Grass Taking Over Head Stones Because of the Rain. Crews Working Over Time

Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

KERMIT- City workers stay busy mowing the grass and keeping the grounds neatly manicured at the Kermit cemetery.

Despite some complaints of the job they do, the city says there are many factors that put the grounds crew behind. 

"We take great pride in our cemetery. As you can see around the outskirts is the fence, the columns that we built. Any one who says we don't take pride in our cemetery is wrong. You have those days when you can't get out here because of the rain. But, our cemetery is in good shape. We have our guys working on it right now," Kermit City Manager, Gloria Saenz said.

The flooding rains that drenched the basin recently has halted crews from working, allowing grass to grow around the headstones. City Manager, Gloria Saenz says that the city workers are working over time.

"They have a lot to do. They don't just maintain the cemetery, they have to dig the graves when they have funerals which at times can be once a week, or a funeral every day of the week. Sometimes they have to come in on a Saturday, Sunday, a holiday. So it's not the only thing they have on their agenda," Saenz said.

The same workers are in charge of maintaining the property of all city buildings and city parks in town. Kermit purchased property next door to the cemetery for more burials in the future.

"On their spare time they go in and clean that property off and get it ready for the construction," Saenz said 

Everyday is a work in progress for the grounds crew. Even though the City receives complaints, they say they are proud of the work they do to keep the cemetery popular with the people of Kermit.

"It's hard sometimes to keep up with it because of rain or whatever reason comes up. We take pride in our cemetery. We want people to come here," Saenz said.

Construction on the new cemetery annex is expected to begin in a few months.
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