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No Charges Pressed Against OHS Junior ROTC Instructor, District Still Determining What to do

Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ODESSA: For  almost two weeks ECISD has been looking into some serious allegations made against OHS Junior ROTC Instructor Dion Davis.

"For the school district, Mr. Davis remains on paid administrative leave and a final determination has not been made yet," Mike Adkins, ECISD Spokesman, said. 

Davis was put on paid leave after a complaint was made against him alleging he had shoved a student on a bus ride home from an event in San Angelo. The complaint also states the push caused the student to hit his head. Since the alleged incident happened in Sterling City, officials in the area were looking into possibly charging Davis with a class C Misdemeanor assault charge. But as of Monday, Sterling County officials decided not to press charges.

"Yesterday they made the determination they were not going to press charges. So that leaves us with the final decision of what we'll do administratively," Adkins said. 

ECISD said the criminal and administrative investigation are separate. Now the district has to determine if any of their policies were broken.

"There are two sides to this. There's an administrative investigation which is what the school district does. Which is what happened according to our policy?," Adkins added. 

The school district cannot say when they believe their investigation will be over. However, the decision lies in the superintendents hands.

"The superintendent is going to ultimate determination on what exactly happened with the employee," Adkins said. 

NewsWest 9 will continue to follow this investigation and bring you the latest as it becomes available. 

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