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Ector County Family Home While Armed Intruder Breaks In

Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - An Odessa family isn't taking any chances after a burglar broke into their home while they were inside.

The suspect got away, but not before he pointed a gun at the homeowner.

It's been a few days but Yvette Martin is still on edge.

"Obviously I knew there's crime happening in Odessa," Martin said. "I'm thinking it's just certain parts of the city but no it's happening out here you know."

Around 5:30 Thursday evening, Martin and her husband were at their home in south Ector County. Their kids were playing in the other room.

The couple heard a few thumps so Martin's husband went to check it out.

"We thought ok maybe they threw a toy, something to that nature," Martin said. "He came out here to find an intruder inside our home and when the intruder saw my husband, they both got startled.He had a gun, pointed a gun at my husband."

Martin's husband ran back to the room and grabbed his gun.

"He's like dial 911, dial 911 and he runs back out after the guy," Martin said. "My immediate reaction as a mother, I'm thinking something happened, somebody grabbed one of my kids."

The suspect ran away and luckily no one was hurt.

Martin said the bold burglar was determined to get inside.

"He took off a screen off a window," she said. "He was unable to get in through the window. It was locked so that's when he proceeded to kick in the back door."

The intruder used such force when he kicked in these doors, they both swung open at the same time, breaking the frame. He also left behind a faint footprint from a Nike shoe. 

According to Martin, two mobile homes in the area were also broken into and she said a gun was stolen from one of those residences.

"People are having dinner, husbands are home, entire families are home so who in their right mind would go into someone's home at that time," Martin said.

The family put up "No Trespassing" signs after the break in. She's hoping someone will call in a tip so the suspect is caught.

"We don't want some crazy guy to come in here and take our things you know, or endanger our families," Martin said. "We don't want that."

Martin said the suspect is a Hispanic man between 5'8" and 6' ft. tall,

He had a thin mustache and he was wearing a black shirt with basketball shorts and a bright yellow cap. If you have any information you can call the Ector County Sheriff''s Office.
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