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Biological Parents Remove Life Support From One Year Old

Anum Valliani
NewsWest 9

LUBBOCK - Family gathered to say their goodbyes to one-year-old Dakota Hall. The baby was left fighting for his life after a near death choking.

It happened under the care of foster parents in Midland back in late September. Barely a week later, he has been taken off life support.

"My wife and I had to make the most hardest decision that we can ever make and now it's just a matter of time," biological father, David Hall, said.

Dakota's grandmother flew in from New York to be there during the difficult time. Moments after the tube was removed she said the family took the opportunity to talk to him.

"We're just holding him and telling him we love him," Ruth Ross said.

Ross has custody of Dakota's older sister and only wishes she could have looked over him too. She claims, "they could have just brought him up to me. We wouldn't be here!"

It was just two months before coming into Lubbock Covenant Hospital that baby Dakota came under the care of foster parents.

High Sky Children's Ranch placed Dakota with a foster family. It is unknown if they are veteran or inexperienced foster parents. Officials there say they do not know specifics surrounding the choking but they are heartbroken by the tragedy.

Meanwhile, the biological family said they want answers, and for CPS and the foster family to take responsibility for what happened.

"The only thing that's consistent is that he swallowed a baby wipe," Hall claimed. "I want justice for my son. If by chance he does make it, I'll never be able to take him to a park and play catch with him, I'll never be able to take him camping, I'll never be able to take him swimming, for a boat ride, all that's gone."

Ross added that it's common sense to keep baby wipes away from a baby.

"They can come up with all the excuses they want, I'm not listening to excuses. My grandson is dying," she said.

CPS has temporary custody of Dakota. But officials tell NewsWest 9 the family had rights to decide on pulling the plug.

"It's no secret, we are suing them and we are pressing charges against them," Hall said.

Residential Child Care Licensing is investigating the case on charges of abuse or neglect.

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