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Dozens Gather to Remember Fallen McCamey Officer One Year Later

by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

MCCAMEY -  Deputy Kennedy, known as "Bubba" to many, paid the ultimate sacrifice last year while serving for his community one year ago today.

People from all over town--fellow officers, family members, and friends--all joined to remember their fallen hero Thursday night.

"We want people to remember that officers like Bubba are people. You know, they're fathers, they're sons, they're husbands, and everyone here tonight, they knew him," Sheriff Dan Brown said. 

A slideshow played showing Deputy Kennedy out of his uniform; a real family man who loved riding horses and spending time outdoors.

"He was very charismatic and funny and kind to everybody and just so fun to be around. I miss it a lot," Stephanie Inman, Bubba's niece, said.  
"He was a go-getter. I mean I could tell him I need him to go do this and he would say, 'I got this sheriff, don't worry about it.' And he did," Sheriff Brown said. 

At the end of the vigil, they said a prayer not only for Bubba, but for his fellow officers who are still sacrificing their lives everyday.

The accused gunman, Gary David Greene, also known as the pink panther, is being held on a one million dollar bond and is charged with capital murder. 

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