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Diploma Offered to Vets If Serving Kept Them From Graduating

  by: Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

KERMIT- Reading, writing and arithmetic is the foundation of a High School diploma. For some of our local Veterans they went off to war before they graduated. Kermit ISD is looking for those vets who qualify for a diploma.

"We're excited about it because in Kermit ISD we try to honor the past. A lot of the privileges we have today we would not have without these people. I think it's a great way for Veterans in Kermit to be honored and we hope we find some to honor," Kermit ISD Superintendent said.

It's a state wide program that started a few years ago, Kermit ISD Superintendent, Bill Boyd found it necessary to get the word out on the school website after a vet told him about the program.

"A disabled Vietnam Vet informed me about it. I said we'd look into it, and we did. We're excited that we can help somebody," Boyd said.

To qualify to get your high school diploma you had to be an honorably discharged member of the armed forces. Scheduled to graduate from high school after 1940 and before 1975 or after 1989 to the present.  

"We will be able to help them get in touch with their formal school and help them fill out the paper work. It's what you do as an ISD you serve your community. As a citizen you serve your Veterans," Boyd said. 

If your loved one was a Veteran who has passed away, they too can still qualify. Something that Boyd is going to look into for his Father.

"Posthumously a Vet can still be honored. My dad didn't finish High School because of this. At Thanksgiving I'll get with my three Sisters and my Brother and we'll decide if we'd like to pursue him High School diploma from White Deer, Texas," Boyd said.

If you are a local Veteran and you have any questions about this program you can call the Kermit Administration Building at (432)-586-1000.  
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