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Big Spring ISD Says No Mums and Garters for Elementary Kids, Parents Upset

 by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Instead of getting excited for homecoming in Big Spring, some are trying to figure out how they missed the memo that their kids can't wear mums and garters to school. 

"Just kind of upset that all this was happening and we didn't get any fair warning about," Jennifer Dooley said. "So now we're out $100 in mums and garters, and what are we going to do about it?" 

Dooley ordered a custom-made mum and garter for her kids to wear on Spirit Day on Friday. She says her seven-year-old daughter wore a mum last year without any problems. She also says that it wasn't until Tuesday night that she received an automated phone call from the school saying kids were not allowed to wear mums and garters, as they may be too distracting. 

"From my understand, the school said they were too distracting, that it just wasn't right for the learning environment, but they have spirit week," Dooley explained. "They're dressing up all crazy, doing crazy hair day, you know all this other stuff, and they can't wear mums to school?" 

According to the school district's Facebook page, they encourage students to wear black and gold on spirit day, however in the interest of safety and in order to maintain an optimum learning environment, students on Pre-K and elementary school campuses will not be allowed to wear mums and garters. 

Dooley says when she contacted Big Spring ISD, they told her the bells and whistles were too distracting for the kids.

"I guess I just urge the school to rephrase that and have the kids take off the more distracting things rather than just eliminating something that's been around forever all together," Dooley said. 

But the school district says this isn't a new policy by any means. 

"If we can't wear mums, then why hats and all that other ridiculous stuff?" Seven-year-old Kendra asked. 

Even though the kids cannot wear the mums and garters to school, they can still wear them to the game on Friday night. 

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