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Alpine Parents Speaking Out Over Alleged Mistreatment of Pre-K Students

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

ALPINE - Some parents whose children attend Alpine Elementary School are speaking out. They claim their children were mistreated. Some even say their kids were left at the wrong bus stop.

Some parents NewsWest 9 spoke with say they have pulled their children out of Alpine Elementary. An ultimatum, they say, is a better option than letting their children stay.

"It's more of a prison than a school," Parent, Tina Rodriguez, said.

"At this age, it should be learning the enjoyment of education. Not the fear and pain," Parent, Sarita Hernandez, said.

Some parents whose children attend Alpine Elementary want their voices heard. They are pushing for change because of alleged mistreatment of their children.

"I don't feel my children are in a safe mental environment. The list goes on and on and on," Hernandez said.

"Just because my son was born with Down Syndrome doesn't mean he doesn't have rights like other kids," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez says since school began, she picked up her 4-year-old drenched in urine on more than one occasion.

"He had his emergency clothes on. I got him in the car, and when I did, I noticed his pullup was heavy. It was bulging out of his pants and then I noticed his socks were soaked in urine. He's not fully verbal. He can't tell you if someone's mean to him, if he needs to go to the bathroom, he hasn't gotten there yet. He can't tell you if he's wet, dirty," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez withdrew her son from Pre-K on Tuesday.

Hernandez made that same decision.

"We hear one out of every 10 parents are happy with the situation. Everybody else is very heartbroken that this is where our education system has gone in our small little sleepy town," Hernandez said.

Another mother, who spoke off camera, says her son was left at the wrong bus stop. She found him crying on a street corner 40 minutes later.

Other parents who reached out say "barricades" were placed by the doors inside the school so parent's couldn't walk their children to class.

"As long as we got to check in the proper way, they told us to with a valid drivers license, why weren't we able to walk them [to class]? When we addressed this, the principal told us that she couldn't have chaos in the hallway. She didn't need 450 parents roaming the halls. Somebody had told one of the parents that if we didn't like the way things were being handled then we should just pull our kids out. Instead of stressing over the matter, that's exactly what we did," Parent, Nicole Armendarez, said.

Numerous attempts to contact administration, these parents say, don't accomplish what they are hoping for: A comfortable, enjoyable environment to send their kids to school.

NewsWest 9 reached out to the Alpine Elementary Principal several times and we were referred to the Superintendent. His secretary says he has declined an interview.

Stay with NewsWest 9 as we continue to follow this story.

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