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Father Upset After Baby Chokes on Baby Wipe

by Justin Kree
NewsWest 9 

MIDLAND - One year old Dakota Lee Ross-Hall is in a Lubbock hospital. David Hall is Dakota's biological father, he reached out to NewsWest 9 after he saw our story on Tuesday night. He says Dakota's future looks grim. Hall is frustrated because he claims he's getting different stories from doctors and Child Protective Services about what happened to his son.      

"Honestly, I don't know because I've got four different stories now. The only thing consistently is that he swallowed a baby wipe," Dakota's Father, David Hall said.

Hall claims Dakota was put in foster care because the family is homeless.

According to High Sky Children's Ranch, Executive Director, JaLynn Hogan, there is no evidence that the foster parents are to blame. She said they did all they could to save the infant.

"Began to choke on a baby wipe when the foster parent was getting the baby ready for bed," Hogan said.

Dakota is now fighting for his life in a Lubbock hospital.

"Breathing wise, he's doing ok, but he'll never be a typical one year old. He's brain dead, the only thing that's keeping him alive is the part of his brain that's attached to his spinal cord is breathing," Hall said.

The case is being investigated by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. NewsWest 9 contacted High Sky again, after Dakota's Father spoke with NewsWest 9. Hogan says there's a lot that she can't talk about because the investigation is ongoing. In our original interview with Hogan, she said it's a sad situation all the way around.      

"Shock and grief. It's such a tragic situation for the child, the foster family and the birth family. You're taken off guard when something that's common in your home could cause such a serious, life altering event," Hogan said.

Meanwhile, Hall is upset he will never be able to play with his son and he's thinking of taking legal action.

"I'll never be able to take him to a park and play football with him. I've talked with my wife's lawyer and he's helping us get a good lawyer," Hall said.

Hogan says in the agency's 51 year history, this is a first for High Sky.

NewsWest 9 was told that this is a residential child care licensing investigation on possible abuse or neglect. Any action needed will be determined after the investigation.  

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